Meeting Room

What is it?

It's the hire of a meeting room in a company that has the necessary and traditional structure of an office,
with a good location to welcome your customers and partners.


Living room for up to 6 people

Additional time: 7,5€/hour


Living room for up to 3 people

Hora adicional: 5€/hour

Exclusive benefits:

  • Wi-fi Internet
  • Projector
  • Use of the pantry (coffee machine and dining area with microwave)


  • Cleaning and disinfection (COVID-19 Protocol)
  • Extended opening hours (7am to 7pm)
  • Fibre internet
  • Credibility in the image of your business/activity
  • Convenient, free parking
  • Cosy and professional atmosphere
  • Close to shops and restaurants
  • Easy road access